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Product Content Management (PCM)

What does a PCM do?

Product Content Management (PCM) is used to save information like a product description, images or attributes against a specific product.

Similar to DAM (Data Asset Management), PCMs are used to help companies add collateral marketing material together. Manufacturing specifications including tech packs, spec sheets and swatches are also often added to PCM software solutions.

PCM will usually be included in any good PIM database software solution and can be used to help sales teams convey product information to your customers. The evolution of PCM management came about from a need to store important sales assets including photography, digital images and videos against a particular product in order to easily access it when needed.

Complicated file structures and online repositories of images work well on a small scale, however PCM allows businesses to expand and grow with new team members being able to intuitively find content related to products in the one system.

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