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What is Pinatex?

Pinatex is a type of sustainable vegan leather alternative that is made from pineapples. One of the main advantages of the material is that it is using the leaves of the pineapple after harvest meaning that there is less wastage of the fruit with no additional agricultural processes. Designed to be a low-impact alternative to leather, Pinatex is becoming more and more popular.

How is Pinatex Made?

The process of making Pinatex first involves a step called decortication. This is where the pineapple leaves are removed from the fruit and the long fibre strands used to create the material are extracted. This is done onsite and after the process, the leftover biomass can be used either as a fertiliser or bio-fuel.

After the fibres have been harvested, they are de-gummed and then go through a process which turns them into a mesh in order to create a base for the finished Pinatex. The final process involves the mesh being transported to specialist facilities in Spain where the mesh is turned into the final product taking on its faux-leather appearance.

What can Pinatex be used for?

When production of Pinatex is complete, it has a soft and flexible quality allowing it to be transported to a range of different product designers. Designers use Pinatex as a sustainable alternative for anything from footwear, fashion accessories, clothing, interior furnishing and upholstery.

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