Wholesale Fashion Accessories

Finding wholesale fashion accessories online

For wholesale fashion accessories, many brands will look to find quality international suppliers to maintain a consistent supply of stock for resale. With many fashion wholesalers operating online now, supplier directories and websites can give brands an opportunity to test the quality and responsiveness of their overseas partners. Requests for quote are a key way to find the right suppliers online with many websites offering easy to complete inquiry forms to start the process.

Types of fashion accessories

There are a number of different fashion accessory categories that include jewelry, shoes, hats, handbags and backpacks. Depending on the quality and price point you want to resell these products at, you can find the right supplier whether you’re a fashion accessory boutique or a clothing brand wanting to sell accompanying options. China fashion suppliers as well as local manufacturers can give you different margins and depending on the materials (or in the case of jewelry – stones) that are used, you may need to source different fashion accessories from different locations and even different countries.

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