Matching the right suppliers with the right brands is an important step for any business.

Why a good supplier is so important

For suppliers, understanding the needs and demands of their brands is important to help provide a consistent, reliable service.
For brands and businesses, having a trustworthy and flexible vendor who can grow with your needs is essential to a sustainable and efficient supply chain.
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Local US Suppliers

Suppliers in the United States can save you on shipping and logistics costs. The made in America tagline can also be a valuable addition to your brand.

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Clothing Suppliers

Quality clothing from respected and reliable suppliers are essential for brands. Find your next supplier today.

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Suppliers in China

China is the largest manufacturer in the world. With a huge industrial sector and thousands of factories producing goods. Chinese suppliers are a great option for manufacturing.

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Sustainable Suppliers

With customers demanding more sustainable products, it's important to have quality sustainable suppliers as partners.

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Finding a Supplier

In an increasingly global market, international suppliers are an important part of a sustainable supply chain.

Creating a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship is important to ensure ongoing business development and success for business to business connections.

There are a number of options when looking to find the right supplier for your business. The best advice is to find a supplier who is able to grow and collaborate with you to ensure you are both working towards the same goal.

Make sure as a supplier or brand you are aligned on the following:

Quality of manufacturing

Reliability of delivery and fulfilment

Returns, disputes or discrepancies in ordering

Pricing, minimum quantities and drop dates

Manufacturing locations, distribution networks and worker conditions

Terms, contracts and assurances

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“We are cutting our time to market in half with MetaFurō”

Reducing the amount of software systems and time spent emailing our supplier has made our processes more streamlined.

We can now collaborate with our suppliers more easily.

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