Suppliers in Florida

Manufacturing products in Florida

The amount of suppliers in Florida are growing year on year with a strong demand for new manufacturing opportunities in the region. With a vibrant tech community in the state, the manufacturing industry has increased its maturity and incorporated traditional techniques with new technologies. This helps Florida Suppliers to manage, plan and produce goods more efficiently and allows for the implementation of feedback loops and increase in lean manufacturing usage.

Clothing and textiles suppliers in Florida are well known as producing quality, American made products. Florida suppliers provide international companies like Pacsun, Hard Rock Cafe and Hollister with manufacturing locations around the state including in Miami. White label services, OEM manufacturers, and factories that provide cutting, trimming, sewing, dying and printing of textiles are also available in Florida. Many of these suppliers are being willing and open to working with brands in a collaborative relationship in order to produce high quality garments.

Suppliers in the North Florida Corridor

The North Florida corridor is a stretch of area at the top of the state where trade flows through established logistics networks. The NFC which spans from Pensacola to Jacksonville has both local skilled workers and easy access to manufacturing in neighboring Alabama and Georgia. The industrial clusters in Florida provide hubs of suppliers for manufacturing goods made in the USA.

Large manufacturing cities in Florida

  • Pensacola
  • Jacksonville
  • Miami
  • Orlando

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