Suppliers in United States

Manufacturing products in United States

United States suppliers are known as being some of the most modern and technologically advanced in the world. With a strong push for local manufacturing in America, there are a number of options for local brands. States like California have a strong focus on the manufacturing industry and provide affordable local options.

American suppliers work across a number of industries and are known around the world for their apparel manufacturing, jewellery manufacturing, furniture and homewares. Within these industries, US Suppliers have a name for producing high-quality products made by workers with fair conditions. There are over 3000 manufacturing factories between California and New York alone producing products for American companies.

Shipping and Logistics in America

An advantage of using local American manufacturers for your brand is the ability to gain access to a well established shipping and logistics infrastructure that is one of the most technologically advanced in the world. Using American transportation companies with digital systems allowing for increased tracking and shipment information, you can gain more transparency than ever into your supply chain. This in turn can help deliver faster turnaround times for your production and quicker and more streamlined lean manufacturing processes.

From small to medium businesses, all the way to large organizations, you can find manufacturers in the US to create your products to give you a local American brand.

Largest manufacturing states in America

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