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Manufacturing products in California

Amongst some of the best manufacturing regions in the world is the American state of California. With the largest concentration of factories in the United States, suppliers in California are committed to quality apparel, jewelry and homeware manufacturing. Over 1500 factories are in operation in California with the majority manufacturing both components and finished products for local brands and overseas companies.

Made in California is a highly sort after tagline and with the region known as a front-runner in developing, researching and implementing new manufacturing technologies to give them the edge. Factories in the greater Los Angeles area utilize the UCLA College campus to help with modern technologies to help increase worker satisfaction and production quality.

Clothing manufacturers in California

In the apparel sector, California is a leader with high worker wages making the industry more sustainable than other overseas alternatives through a bigger buy-in from the industry’s workforce. 

The inclusion of the manufacturing industries in suburban areas can be seen in cities like Corona in southern California that allows economic growth for the area and builds long term infrastructure for the region.

Another focus of Californian suppliers is the ability to develop the business of the products they are manufacturing. Suppliers in California are highly developed and focus not only on manufacturing, but the long term relationship with their brands in order to help create a sustainable supply chain for their products.

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