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Manufacturing products in Los Angeles

Los Angeles wholesale stores are spread out all over the city and provide a range of products for brands and consumers to buy directly from. Distributors in LA are a large market with the city providing a landing point for many brands from overseas. With its large airport and easy access to the rest of the country (in particular the West Coast) Los Angeles provides brands and wholesalers with a huge market to cater towards. Many dropshipping facilities also exist in the city’s outskirts and in the wider California area.

Where is the LA Fashion District?

Wholesale fashion in LA is found mostly in the fashion district near Skid Row to the south east of Central LA. With Women’s wholesale clothing, clothing accessories, shoes and high-end luxury items, the LA Fashion district is a hub for local designers and brands. The Los Angeles apparel wholesale market is large and offers good competition so brands can find good quality options at reasonable prices. With a combination of local manufacturer showrooms as well as distributor centers, there are plenty of opportunities to view new ranges from wholesale clothing suppliers in LA and curate a trending line for your store or brand.

Wholesale cosmetics in LA

Located in South LA, beauty suppliers and cosmetics distributors provide a large range of locally manufactured and imported goods for resale opportunity in-store and online. With some outlets also residing in the fashion district and surrounding areas of the city, be sure to check out the type of products you’re looking for online first. Wholesale makeup suppliers offer a range of local and imported goods. Check out the showrooms to the city’s south to find cosmetics suppliers in LA.

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Pattern Makers in LA

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