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Master Production Schedule (MPS)

A Master Production Schedule (MPS) is used by brands and manufacturers or suppliers of goods in order to gain an understanding of the timeframes and production processes needed to produce a product.

The MPS document is often found in traditional software solutions like Excel spreadsheets where templates have been designed and refined over multiple years.

The exact details contained within an MPS can vary depending on the company, timeframes for production and the type of products being manufactured.

A master production schedule outline can help brand managers, marketers, production managers and other members of an organization to gain an overall understanding of the production schedule in order to plan and work towards certain release dates.

The MPS can contain as granular information as is needed by the company and often will include details for expected landing dates and can also outline different packaging and bill of materials requirements.

Modern MPS solutions using software can help decentralize these documents and allow them to be living and dynamic to cater for production changes and updates from internal and external team members.

Collaborative Master Production Schedules can greatly increase productivity and transparency into the supply chain management of a company and are becoming more and more common place for the world’s leading consumer brands.

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