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Supply Chain Management

What is supply chain management?

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the management of the processes and systems that change raw materials into a final product.

Supply-chain management looks at the activities a business undertakes in order to plan, organize, create and deliver a product to their customer.

Successful management of the supply-chain gives brands a competitive advantage by allowing them to streamline their processes and provide their customers with what they want in a timely manner. The process of streamlining the supply chain is often known as lean manufacturing or lean production and involves the continual improvement of the product lifecycle.

Green supply chain management follows on from lean manufacturing by understanding a holistic view of the impact the supply chain has on the world.

Supply chain management is used to a degree by all companies with the level of transparency into the supply chain a key factor into how well it is being managed and improved upon.

Using supply chain management software and other supply chain technologies can help businesses understand and evaluate their processes and supply-side activities as a whole helping to create a more sustainable production line.

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