Suppliers in North Carolina

Manufacturing products in North Carolina

Known as one of the largest manufacturing regions in the United States, suppliers in North Carolina produce goods for a wide range of industries. Apparel and textiles manufacturing is a large sector, while other giants include pharmaceutical and biomedical products. The east coast of America has become known as a region for new and innovative industries with neighboring New York and New Jersey suppliers investing in the food and chemical manufacturing industries. Chemical products alongside the growing food manufacturing industry are two verticals that North Carolina suppliers have become known for. 

Another way suppliers in North Carolina are distinguishing themselves are through their large amount of small-size factory operations. With around 50% of North Carolina suppliers having fewer than 9 employees and around 80% having less than 50, the small to medium size companies delivering quality American-made goods is obvious in this region. The smaller sized factories have an advantage over larger size factories in their ability to foster and maintain closer working relationships with their clients. Many American brands and companies who have their products manufactured in North Carolina appreciate the dialogue and partnership with their manufacturers.

Technologies used by Suppliers in North Carolina

With several large colleges in the area like Duke, North Carolina and Wake Forest, it also comes as little surprise that the manufacturing industry is among the world’s leaders in early new technologies adoption. From traditional lean manufacturing processes to the evolution into the performance fabrics and 3D knitting industry, manufacturers in North Carolina are pushing the boundaries in quality and modern techniques.

Through many links with these colleges and students graduating in related fields, suppliers in North Carolina are well positioned to continue growing in relation to their east coast neighbors.

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