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Manufacturing products in New York

Looking to find Suppliers in New York? With an increase in demand for made in USA products, the New York manufacturing sector has continued its strong tradition of making quality, American-made products. With New York City historically the fashion capital of the world in the Midtown Garment District, New York Suppliers are among the most recognised in America.

Fashion Suppliers in New York

The mainstay of the New York manufacturing industry is the garment and clothing sector. With high-end fashion labels concentrated locally, New York Clothing Suppliers have a reputation for avant-garde designs and quality manufacturing. For local garment production, suppliers in New York are able to deliver quality and on-trend items that carry the Made in New York tagline.

With many suppliers looking to use locally sourced materials and textiles, the industry is able to charge a premium for products made in the area.

Other industries

Along with clothing, other verticals such as fashion accessories, jewelry, textiles, printing and food manufacturing top the list of products being made locally in New York. Both up-state New York and New York City have seen a high increase in jobs in the Food Manufacturing industry. Food Suppliers in New York are a fast growing sector and provide quality options for the industry.

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