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Size Specification Sheet

What is a size specification sheet?

A size specification sheet is used to visually communicate the measurement details of your product to the team who is creating it. Used alongside a grade plan, these sheets are very important additions to a tech pack. They are a blueprint that manufacturers follow to guarantee correctly sized and proportioned products.

Although size specs are quite transparent they can vary depending on the type of product you are creating. This is why communication with manufacturers and suppliers can save loads of time and money. You can determine what details they require and structure your document to suit their needs. 

What is the difference between a size spec sheet and a grade plan spec sheet?

A size specification sheet shows a visual representation where each measurement point is located and how much it will be graded by. A grade plan shows the total increment these points add up to as well as the written details of where this increment is measured to and from. It also includes a visual representation showing what the final graded pattern pieces will look like. 

As these documents work alongside one another so closely some people choose to combine them into one. If your product is quite complex and requires a heap of data it may be wise to break up the sheets for ease of communication. Ultimately if you cover the required information clearly and unless your manufacturer has advised otherwise then it’s down to personal preference. 

What to include in a size specification sheet?

  • A visual representation of your pattern pieces
  • Clear identification points showing where to increase or decrease the pattern and by how much.
  • A trade drawing with measurement locations

What are grade rules and cardinal points?

  • Cardinal points determine the location and grade rules determine the amount. For example; in the image below at the CF and CB seam of the pants where the two red lines meet is a cardinal point. At the ends of these lines is the grade plan, which on this particular pattern is 6mm.
  • The grade plan specification sheet provides written details describing the location and what the total of these grade plans equal

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