Suppliers in Pennsylvania

Manufacturing products in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is one of the oldest manufacturing hubs in the United States. With an industry that dates back to the foundation of the country, suppliers in Pennsylvania come from a long line of quality producers. From clothing and textiles, to shipbuilding and food production, Pennsylvanian suppliers are among the world leaders. Popular food products like Heinz Ketchup and clothing and decor companies are both common in large cities like Philadelphia as well as growing areas like Cumberland County.

The apparel and clothing suppliers in Pennsylvania produce some of the best quality garments in America. With services including Cut, Make, Trim and Sewing Design Consultation, Pennsylvania clothing suppliers have the knowledge and ease of communication to help your brand grow. OEM and blank clothing suppliers are available with services to help you print your branding and labels.

Major Pennsylvania Supplier Districts

The two largest cities in the region Philadelphia and Pittsburgh are both major manufacturing hubs with a range of American-made local suppliers to choose from covering both the east and west of the state. Both cities are setup with major logistics and transport facilities available with Philadelphia boasting major rail and port access to allow for quick shipment and distribution.

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