Suppliers in Minnesota

Manufacturing products in Minnesota

Suppliers in Minnesota have been some of the most backed by venture capital in the country. With a large industry of food manufacturers in Minnesota, the region is thriving using new technologies for production and warehouse management. The main sectors Minnesota suppliers are responsible for include food manufacturing, computers and electronics. The fabricated metal and the manufacturing industry in Minnesota is responsible for 100s of thousands of jobs alone and provides brands and companies with a reliable and long-standing partner to build their business with.

While the Apparel and garment manufacturing industry has slowed in the region, there is still a vibrant scene in the Twin Cities for apparel designers. Within the metropolitan areas including Minneapolis and St Paul, the garment and textile design industry is still predominant and employs a large number of people. The industry is thriving with smaller-scale boutique fashion operators with a mature logistics and shipping network that taps into the national distribution system.

Regional supplier hubs in Minnesota

The Twin Cities (Minneapolis and St Paul) are responsible for a large number of computers and medical device suppliers while some of the other regions around the north-west supply a number of food industry manufacturers. Paper suppliers can be found largely in the north of the state, while the post-production printing sector is found mostly in the southern regions of Minnesota.

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