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Manufacturing products in Spain

The textile and clothing industry in Spain has been strong in fabric creation for a long time. Suppliers in Spain create some of the world’s most vibrant textiles and fabrics for garment creation. With a large creative industry in Barcelona in the Catalonia region, many Spanish clothing suppliers supply companies with fabrics and finished products.

The Spanish textile export industry has long been linked with some of the high-end fashion industry countries like France and Italy. They are also seeing an increase in numbers as the German finished garment market matures and looks to its neighbors for fabric to import while another country, Pakistan is strengthening its trade relationship with Spain.

Specialized manufacturing equipment industry

Spanish suppliers are also known as the most trusted manufacturers of clothing and textile manufacturing machines with a large export industry for weaving machines, spinning machines and yard machines. Many countries around the world and Europe import garment manufacturing machines from Spain in order to set up local clothing manufacturing factories.

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