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Pattern Card

What is a pattern card?

A pattern card (pattern record card) includes all the details regarding the pattern pieces needed to create a certain style. If you are working with designers, pattern makers or manufacturers these cards are very important for communication and help to avoid the confusion of which pattern piece goes with which style. The main purpose of pattern cards is to organise pattern pieces and clearly explain what style they belong to. 

What is included on each pattern card?

  • Documentation; date, designer name, style description, style number, season, size range etc.
  • A trade drawing of your garment
  • A visual representation of every pattern piece need to create this style
  • Description of pattern pieces; name of each pattern piece, number of each pattern piece, cutting instructions and fabric type
  • Quality control check table which should include the seam allowance and type of seam as well as the hem allowance and type of hem
  • Any other necessary details eg; grain lines, notches, balance points or drill holes

Who makes pattern cards?

If you are working with a pattern maker they can make a pattern card for you although there may be a small fee. Make sure your pattern maker has included the correct hem and seam allowances, grain lines, trade drawings, stitches etc. especially if you are then sending this information onto a manufacturer (communication needs to be accurate to receive back correctly made products).

You can create a pattern record card yourself by using the above information or you can download our free tech pack which includes a pattern record card and more.

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