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Manufacturing products in France

Manufacturers and suppliers in France are some of the oldest in Europe with a distinct focus on the clothing and textile industry. Long known as a hub for European fashion and design, French suppliers also equate for a large percentage of technical textile manufacturing including farm and shade sails, boats and automotive textiles and fiberglass for construction.

Medical technical medical textiles are being produced widely by French manufacturers with many local regions like Rhone becoming hubs for entire industries. Synthetic fabrics are further being developed in France in an attempt to research better ways to make the textile industry more sustainable heading into the future. Combining both better ways of creating traditionally naturally occurring materials with the use of more synthetic materials helps to make progress in the sustainable sourcing of materials.

Clothing manufacturers in France

While suppliers in France are leading the way in innovative manufacturing of textiles, they are also still the world leaders in fashion design. Many French suppliers export designer clothing to the United States and abroad and those wanting a brand with high quality products look to France for their products. From high-end clothing to clothing accessories like handbags and shoes, the French prestige fashion houses are still the pinnacle of the fashion industry.

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