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Manufacturing products in Germany

Suppliers in Germany are among some of the more technologically advanced in the world. With a world-renowned automotive manufacturing industry in Bavaria, Germany also boasted a mature garment and textile industry. While Germany is the second largest importer of garments in the world, manufacturers in the country also produce and export a large number of garments.

While still using many traditional supply chain methodologies, German suppliers are also focusing their manufacturing on state of the art practices and lean manufacturing around the technical garment industry with protective clothing a large area of growth. Technical garment manufacturers in Germany are among the world leaders for a range of industries.

A move for manufacturers in Germany away from quantity more towards quality of products has increased over recent decades as the industry looks to be seen as mature amongst the international fashion scene. With European neighbors like Italy and France more traditionally associated with high fashion, Germany is looking towards its sporting brands like PUMA and Adidas to continue its push onto the global stage.

A growing import of Spanish textiles is also giving Germany the chance to increase their finished garment output to countries like the United States. As a result, the industry is growing and looking to increase its garment exports internationally. 

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