Suppliers in Ohio

Manufacturing products in Ohio

In the manufacturing heartland of the United States, suppliers in Ohio have somewhat of an advantage as the state boasts some of the largest investment in production technology innovation. With a huge workforce and an interest in smart manufacturing through utilizing the internet of things and automation, the number of products moving through manufacturing systems in Ohio is huge. The combination of scale and technology is a good match, allowing Ohio to become one of the largest manufacturing states in the country.

Ohio suppliers make a range of goods from unique and custom leatherworks in the apparel and clothing accessories sector to advanced technologies like carbon fiber, 3D printing, specialized lightweight materials and flexible electronics. The established logistics and factory infrastructure for Ohio Suppliers is second to none. A robust network of manufacturing colleges, researchers and technology companies help to back Ohio manufacturers. Cutting edge production techniques combined with traditional manufacturing brings the term lean manufacturing to a new level.

Logistics and Shipping for Ohio Suppliers

Ohio suppliers sit in a cross-section of a valuable network of logistics. Access to ports and shipping companies allows suppliers in Ohio to not only produce goods efficiently, but also distribute them. The logistical infrastructure allows for high-speed order turnaround and on-time fulfilment through advanced factories, warehouse and 3PL operations.

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