Organic Clothing Wholesale Suppliers

With customers expecting more sustainable options, brands are moving towards finding and using organic clothing wholesale suppliers to create their product ranges. While many companies claim they are organic clothing manufacturers, in order to truly be organic, they need to adhere to a number of guidelines that can differ between regions and countries.

Finding the right organic cotton clothing supplier can be difficult with their supply chain management needing to be transparent in order to be certain of the ethicacy. It is important to look in regions that have strong reputations for organic clothing manufacturing with China, the Philippines and Turkey having some of the strongest organic hubs. In America, California is leading the way in organic clothing suppliers with a number of hubs in Southern California in particular. 

While suppliers of organic clothing can charge higher than other clothing suppliers, much of these costs go towards providing you with higher quality finished garments as well as providing workers with a higher living wage. To help understand if your supplier is an organic supplier, check with them to see if they are certified with the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

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