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Finding Clothing Suppliers

Quality Clothing Suppliers are an important part of the supply chain and are becoming increasingly valuable as partners to brands. With demand for the global supply chain to become more transparent, understanding and maintaining a strong working partnership with your clothing manufacturer is more important than ever.

While China and other Asian countries are known for textile manufacturing, local clothing suppliers in the US are also a prominent leader in quality and technology adoption in the world. With suppliers in California, the Carolinas, Texas and other US states, locally made garments are in large supply. Activewear and fitness clothing is an industry in particular increasing in popularity in manufacturing.

Suppliers for clothing and fabric around the world are evolving and increasing their technology in order to help improve the transparency in their supply chain management. Software solution to track production have become an essential part of garment manufacturing and are often utilized by both manufacturers abroad and brands locally. This increased level of transparency into the supply chain has allowed clothing suppliers in China to easily communicate and share production updates and notifications in real-time with their partners in the United States and abroad.


Top Regions for Clothing and Textile Manufacturers around the world:

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