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Finding Activewear Manufacturers

Looking for quality Activewear Manufacturers for your next range of clothing?

The activewear industry is one of the fastest growing sections of the clothing industry, with more and more brands looking to capitalize on this segment of customers looking for quality workout garments. With an increase in demand for locally sourced products, there are growing activewear manufacturing hubs in California and New York. Activewear manufacturers in China or India are also great options to build your range as they often offer wholesale activewear at a lower cost.

Sustainable Activewear Manufacturing

Within the activewear manufacturing industry there has been a big shift towards ethical manufacturing and sourcing. Brands wanting to manufacture sustainable or eco-friendly activewear should be using materials that are ethically sourced. Examples of ethical fabrics and materials used to manufacturer activewear are bamboo, organic cotton, tencel, econyl, hemp and recycled polyester.

Womens Activewear Manufacturing

Womens activewear manufacturing is an incredibly strong market with the athleisure wear market constantly growing. White label activewear manufacturers are able to custom make sublimation prints and material designs in order to provide personalised branding on your garments and fitness clothing.

Popular types of womens activewear include:

  • leggings
  • running shorts or bike shorts
  • sports bras
  • crop tops
  • joggers/sweatpants
  • sports tops and t-shirts

Make sure you look around and understand different costs for importing products into Australia to ensure your activewear manufacturing locations are cost effective for your business.

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