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The fashion industry in Italy has long been known as a hub of quality, high-end fashion. Suppliers in Italy are synonymous with hand-made craftsmanship of clothing and textiles, leather goods, handbags, jewelry, homewares, footwear and more. With Italian manufacturers having such a global presence in high fashion, many companies are looking to find Italian suppliers to give their brand a high-end brand.

Italian clothing manufacturing is well known for its varied material uses like leather, linen, cotton and other organic fabrics. With a wide range of product verticals like shoes and outerwear, finding an Italian supplier for your brand can ensure you have the ability to scale into a variety of product ranges.

Italian manufacturing processes are sought after around the world as they incorporate a mixture of ‘old-world’ techniques with new materials and cutting edge technology. Always on the forefront of clothing manufacturing, Italian Suppliers continue to push the boundaries in the apparel sector.

Exporting both textiles and ready to wear garments to the United States, there are plenty of high quality Italian suppliers for your brand.

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