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Packaging supplies can help change the entire look, feel and branding of your product. Using premium packaging can increase your product’s value proposition allowing you to increase your price point. Packaging manufacturers give you the opportunity to create custom designs that suit your target audience and your brand. While there are plenty of options for sourcing packaging, its often a good idea to find packaging suppliers you can trust by reaching out online first.

Types of packaging manufacturers

The are an almost infinite number of packaging supplies options online with a huge market both domestically as well as internationally. China is still a huge supplier of the world’s packaging, although other countries like India, Bangladesh, Thailand and Vietnam are also producing high quality and affordable options. Locally, hubs in Minnesota, Texas and North Carolina product quality packaging options for domestic brands. Some of the larger packaging categories include:

  • Food packaging suppliers
  • Packaging bag manufacturers
  • Bubble wrap manufacturers
  • Cosmetics Packaging Suppliers
  • Packaging Machinery Companies
  • Box Suppliers
  • Plastic bottles suppliers

Packaging for shipping and freight

Packaging and shipping supplies are largely used in order to protect items during freight, logistics and transport.

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