Suppliers in Zhejiang

Manufacturing products in Zhejiang

Manufacturing in Zhejiang is best for products like textiles, machinery, shoes, hardware, electronics and other daily use products. Cixi city is a major city-level industrial cluster that specialises in electrical appliances and hardware and is known world-wide for its quality manufacturing.

Textile hubs in cities like Shaoxing, can provide options for fabrics including knitted fabrics, spinning fabrics, cotton fabrics and polyester fabrics as well as finished items like bedding, curtains and homewares. Zhuji city in Zhejiang is known as the sock capital of China and is a major supplier and manufacturer of socks, stockings, anklets and leggings for men, women and children.

Manufacturing hubs in Zhejiang

  • Hangzhou
  • Taizhou
  • Cixi

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