Murph & Sax's handmade earrings
April 3, 2020

How Murph & Sax used social media to make their handmade earrings irresistible

Founder Stories

Metafuro is a sanctuary for entrepreneurial minded individuals, to help you navigate the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. We’ve found the more like-minded people you can connect with and learn from, the better. 

This section is all about inspiration and guidance from similar people who have created incredible businesses and brands. We bring you real stories of challenges, surprises, disappointments, victories and successes from founders, entrepreneurs and people in various sectors and industries.

If you’re looking for tips, ideas or advice with milestones like manufacturing products, raising funding, finding product market fit, growing fast and marketing expertise, Founder Stories is the place for you.

However, the road to success is rarely straightforward, there’s no easy guide, no secret. These experts have built their businesses from the ground up, and our hope is that through their stories, you’ll find purpose and motivation for your ideas. 

Get your much needed dose of inspiration here. 

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