OEM Clothing Manufacturers

Finding the right OEM Clothing Manufacturer can help you reduce your production costs and give you a headstart in releasing an apparel range. OEM (original equipment manufacturing) products are products that have been designed by the manufacturer themselves in order to be sold on to either an individual or brand buyer. OEM clothing suppliers can often create large volumes of products that are available to buyers to be resold under their own label. Many OEM clothing suppliers will provide finished blank clothing garments with added services of adding branded clothing labels, swing tags or even custom garment printing.

OEM apparel suppliers can manufacture products from basic t-shirts and jackets to sporting team and school uniforms. These types of clothing suppliers can often provide lower pricing for their garments as they design the styles in-house and at larger scales than ODM (original design manufacturers) suppliers.

The benefit of using an OEM supplier is that they will often have detailed spec sheets of their products and have often already streamlined their production processes so they can provide quick turnaround for clothing manufacturing and order fulfilment. Often times, OEM manufacturers will have a backstock of products at the factory or in another warehouse so fulfilment may be quick. Some drawbacks, however, is that due to OEM clothing being the design property of the factory, there is often no way to stop or know how many other brands may be purchasing the same style of product.

Custom clothing suppliers can give you a unique product and are the better option if you are wanting to design your own garment range.

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