Sustainable Clothing Manufacturers

Sustainable sourcing for clothing

Sustainable clothing manufacturers can be found in regions all around the world. With an increased adoption of green supply chain manufacturing processes, suppliers are becoming more conscious of the sustainability of their production line. Through developing modern lean manufacturing practices, many sustainable clothing suppliers are able to reduce their impact on the environment while delivering quality products in an efficient manner.

In order to be known as a sustainable clothing supplier, it’s important that a company is transparent in their carbon footprint, what they pay their workers as well as the products they make and materials they use. For many brands looking to produce sustainable clothing ranges, manufacturers all around the world can provide a great option. American companies should take into account logistics and shipping costs of materials in order to determine if choosing an overseas clothing manufacturer is the most sustainable choice for them.

In many instances, clothing manufacturers with sustainable practices are able to invest significant money into their production line in order to manufacture sustainable garments at scale. While distance for shipping can impact negatively on sustainability outcomes, it is important to consider the supply chain as a whole before deciding where the most responsible partner will be located.

Some other sustainable practices include looking for suppliers who have GOTS certification or are known as organic clothing suppliers.

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